Mobility Management And Electromobility (German)

Due to purchasing incentives for electric cars and the ongoing debate about engines exceeding legal limits of fine dusts and nitrogen oxide emissions, the topic of electric mobility has become more important for companies. The 45-minute webinar provides a first insight into electric mobility. In addition to the presentation on how to electrify corporate fleets delivered by Volker Gillessen, mobility consultant of EcoLibro GmbH, Peter Meyer, CEO of City Express Logistik GmbH shared his practical experience gained in everyday business with electric cars.

   The webinar took place on 09/12/2016. To download the presentations please click here.

Energy Efficiency In Joineries (German)

Even Joiners have to deal with the question of potential energy savings. Activities are manifold and range from simple inexpensive organizational optimizations up to far-reaching structural and technical modifications. The Video of almost half an hour highlights the main energy consumers in a joinery and explains appropriate savings.

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