Skilled Crafts: Transfer Workshops

Between 2013 and 2015 seven environmental protection centres in the crafts sector developed practical tools to identify and develop energy efficiency potentials in the companies which are now rolled out at national level. Using these tools, interested crafts enterprises are individually made aware of the subject of energy efficiency and get support when implementing the measures. In addition to specially developed "toolboxes" well established online guides are regularly updated and improved. 

 While in the past advice to crafts enterprises was limited to seven energy-intensive field, the programme is now being extended to all trades - appropriate standards are being developed. In addition, the subject of mobility is included in the consultation programme and an energy book to systematically identify and pool corporate energy data is being prepared.

 Finally, the tools which proved to be successful will be collected in the energy efficiency toolbox which will become the centrepiece of the consultation programme. The toolbox will be provided throughout the crafts organization and to freelance consultants for subsequent use as a standardized national advisory tool.

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